Big Red Bike

$ 299.00 CAD

This adorable curly headed blonde ,was inspired by an original family photo by Keith Roddick.
The big red bike is reminiscent of a day gone by,and of the light heartedness of youth. This painting is filled with the excitement of a little girl, new discoveries and the freshness of a spring day.

Big Blue Bike

$ 299.00 USD

Big Blue Bike ,
This little lovely is inspired by a family photo of my of my dear friends daughter.
The painting is 11"x14"

The Vision

$ 139.00 CAD

This portrait is inspired by a photo in a rotarian magazine.
The painting is 14"x11" size I chose cool tone to give a feeling of the cool breeze

Son of one

$ 5.00 CAD

The original photo is a Modotti ,I love to warmth and strength,yet innocence of this young man.
This print of original painting is a 5"x8"size.Optioal sizes availalable

The Florist

$ 69.00 CAD

Water colour painting,5"x7"size of Mexican florist.

The Creada

$ 69.00 CAD

5"x8" water colour painting.In true Mexican style.original water colour painting.

My Thoughts

$ 99.00 CAD

This is inspired from a photo from an unknown source.
I was drawn to the depth in the eyes of the character.
At first I thought he may by a street person ,but as I started drawing him I noticed the spotless fingernails and clean clothes his haggard expression drew me in I want to know what is thinking about

The Voice

$ 99.00 CAD

This beautiful lady is expressing her inner most joy through song.
The 8"x10" water color painting is inspired buy a photo found in an old National Geographic magazine.


$ 35.00 CAD

This lovely i framed portrait is a 5" x 7" water colour inspired in Mexico.
Red matting and mylor frame