Nefarios Nell

$ 299.00 CAD

This naughty little nymph is a hand carved art doll puppet.

Nell has a solid wood body with glass beads for joints and wired for posability.

Her hair is alpaca wool, eyes are glass beads and her head, hands and feet are plaster paris also carved by pocket knife then painted with oil paints. The costume is made of recycled fabric all hand tailored.

The Jester

$ 299.00 CAD

This old world styled puppet, is inspired by the puppet theaters of days gone bye.The head is carved from plaster , and his body is carved from Canadian poplar wood.The joints and eyes are made of glass beads .The hand painted featers give an antique  pantina effect, this adds an authentique vibe to this cheerful little soul. The costuming is made of recycled and found fabrics all hand tailored and designed with out a pattern. A one of a kind origial art doll registered with IADR.





$ 79.00 CAD

Karisma`s face , hands and legs are sculpted from polymer clay.
Her flexible body is made of red fabric with fun fur trim.
The hair is made of cotton floss thread,black and red.
She stands 8" tall.