Hello happy 2014,
Here we are with new beginnings  ,new projects, new discoveries.
For me new blog ,this is my first blog ever so please forgive if I ramble on.
So for 2014 I've started a new fun project I call it t
he spirit of Beardsley.
Aubrey Beardsley was an amazing illustrator

Born AUGUST 21 1872 -MARCH 16 1898


Hello from the hinterland. Well here we are in northern Alberta with snow in October. Halloween is in just a few days, and Christmas festivities just ahead. I have a few new carved elf tree decorations . Carved by pen knife, the branches are from my own back yard here at Blue Hills Ranch in northern Alberta. Sitting in or 100 year old log house, by the fire making traditional hand crafted Christmas gifts just for you and your loved ones.